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2009 Strawberry Hill House where we led the complete replastering of the exterior.

Apethorpe Palace Library lathing.
Apethorpe Palace Library lathing the ceiling frame.
Apethorpe Palace Library ceiling and frame taking shape.
Apethorpe Palace Library
Apethorpe Palace Library.Clients heraldic shield made and installed.
Apethorpe Palace Library. Will my eldest son and our senior apprentice.
Apethorpe Palace Library. Heres Jude my youngest son and apprentice.
Apethorpe Palace Library. Cornice and entablature ready to run in situ.
Apethorpe Palace Library. Cornice being run in situ and the entablature mould in the background.
Apethorpe Palace Library. Cornice and entablature ready to enrich.
Apethorpe Palace Library. The cornice and entablature are enriched and complete.
2018 Balangero near Turin, Italy where we taught a local team to replaster this church facade.
2018 This William fine tuning the detailing of the plaster to this new timber frame building in the Cotswolds
2018 plastering of a new timber framed building in the Cotswolds.
2018 a new harled facade to this building with 14th century origins.
2018 Philip teaching in Italy.
James Wyatt drawing of Cobham Hall Dairy. See below.
James Wyatt ceiling designs at Cobham Hall
2019 Cobham Hall Dairy new in situ rib vaulted ceilings.
2019 Cobham Hall Dairy central chamber ceiling completed.
2019 Cobham Hall Dairy Philip applying the finishing touches to the new ceiling in the North Cloister.
Icomb Place 2020 in the Cotswolds. We were commissioned to form a brand new Elizabethan ceiling using materials, tools and techniques authentic to the period in order to create a ceiling with the feel of the 16th century. Here it is lathed and the pattern transferred onto it.
Icomb Place 2020. Here the basic design is beginning to appear.
Icomb Place 2020. And now the design really takes shape as the details are fine tuned.
Icomb Place 2020. Here Will creates the rosettes by hand giving each one individuality.
Icomb Place 2020. The Bosses are hand modelled in situ by Anna in a naive style authentic to the period.
Icomb Place 2020. The ceiling is completed with 2 coats of nourishing lime wash tinted with natural Ochre.
Icomb Place Solar ceiling complete 2020.
Icomb Place Solar ceiling 2020.
Hardwick Hall West Loggia lathing completed. 2021
Private Residence Hertfordshire. Large in situ column project. Collars made. 2021
The collars are fitted at the top and bottom of the column then string lines placed between them to align the remaining collars.
Here you can see the collars in position ready for plastering between.
The column is now scratch coated completely and ready for floating after Easter.
Scratch coat and collars all complete.
The flutes are starting to take shape.
The column is now floated and ready for a finish coat.
The first flute is completed in this bespoke colour match mortar.
With several flutes in progress we can begin to see how the column will look when completed.
Top section complete. Will is creating the flute termination by hand.
2022 New Elizabethan ceiling, Cotswolds.
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